Silicone rubber sheet

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Silicone rubber sheet Silicone Rubber Rubber Silicone rubber sheet Silicone Rubber Rubber


Silicone offers excellent resistance to high heat and low temperature, ozone, humidity, electric insulation, hot water and chemicals, but it lacks the physical strength and easily tear compare to other synthetic rubber. Silicone can be used in packing, gasket, oil seal, industrial roller, and vibration isolating rubber. Silicone available in form of Sheet, Tubing and Gasket with different sizes of thickness, OD & ID,  and measurement.

Size: Thickness available from 1mmT to 20mmT (For thicker sheet please do send in your inquiry via Email)
Width: 1M or 1.2M (W)
Length Subject to thickness. We do supply per roll or per meter run.

For more information please send in your inquiry via Email.

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