Silica Gel / Desiccant Silica Gel


The main application of Silica Gel is to attract and hold water, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other chemicals by the phenomena known as physical adsorption and capillary condensation. It generally uses for various products such as auto parts, electrical, appliances, electronics, food packing,  furniture and footwear. Silica Gel available in different packet size (1g - 1000g) and is sell in a tin

Available size:
1g/pack x 5000 pack/tin
2g/pack x 3000 pack/tin
3g/pack x 2500 pack/tin
5g/pack x 1500 pack/tin
10g/pack x 800 pack.tin
20g/pack x 600pack/tin
50g/pack x 200 pack/tin
100g/pack x 100 pack/tin
200g/pack x 50 pack/tin
500g/pack x 20 pack/tin
1kg/pack x 10 pack/tin

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